Sen. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) and Rep. Angela Witwer (D-Delta Township), chairs of the Senate and House Appropriations committees, hosted a budget town hall at Charlotte City Hall on Monday, September 11. 

While there, Sen. Anthony and Rep. Witwer actively engaged with residents of Eaton County, delving into the historic state budget and addressing inquiries in a forum-style setting. The discussion facilitated an exchange of ideas and allowed both Sen. Anthony and Rep. Witwer to hear residents’ concerns in real time.  

Sen. Anthony and Rep. Witwer reviewed the “fiscally responsible, transformative” state budget along with elected officials, community members and local stakeholders.

Earlier that same day, Sen. Anthony visited in-district sites — Child and Family Charities’ newly acquired building (formerly McLaren Greenlawn Facility), All of the Above Hip Hop Academy, Eaton Rapids Teen Space and the SIREN/Eaton Shelter — each of these facilities received funding in the FY ‘24 budget. 

Many town hall attendees who directly benefited from this year’s budget communicated their gratitude, further demonstrating positive impacts in the community. 

“I remember last year, when I was campaigning for this big job, I got a chance to sit and talk with many residents and really listen,” said Sen. Anthony. “What I hope they see in this budget is evidence that we listened, that we heard. I know that two lawmakers and one budget cannot do it all, but we tried hard to utilize the dollars from the federal level and the state level to manifest real change.”  

At the town hall, Sen. Anthony and Rep. Witwer not only celebrated local budget victories, but also expressed optimism for future advancements. They recognized the often underpaid yet vital roles of nurses, teachers, firefighters, military servicemen and police officers who diligently care for and safeguard the community. 

Both lawmakers acknowledged the need for continuous professional growth opportunities and additional incentives to retain essential talent in Michigan’s workforce, particularly in industries grappling with national shortages. They also brought attention to pressing issues such as the effects of the recent severe weather storm, housing insecurity, blight elimination, education, environmental quality, rural broadband access and more. 

“I appreciate everyone who attended this historic briefing, and I am excited about all of the things we were able to do,” said Rep. Witwer. “I am proud of the budget that Sen. Anthony and I worked very hard on because it reinvests in the safety, wellbeing and health of every Michigander.”  

The attendees’ unwavering attention and active participation throughout the event created an energized atmosphere, as their passion and enthusiasm filled the room. Once the town hall concluded, Sen. Anthony and Rep. Witwer also engaged in several one-on-one conversations, providing valuable information and distributing constituent guides and materials.

Following a successful day of site visits, the town hall served as a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those who represent Eaton County. 

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