LANSING, Mich. (May. 17, 2024) — Senate Appropriations Chair Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) has issued the following statement regarding the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference (CREC) that took place today: 

“Senate Democrats’ unwavering dedication to putting people first in our state budget has prepared us well to continue building on the sustainable investments we made last year. As budget negotiations now ramp up, I remain dedicated to responsible budgeting that supports, strengthens and uplifts our communities. Regardless of revenue fluctuations, I look forward to continuing to collaborate with our colleagues, both across the aisle, across the hall and in the executive office to finalize a budget that truly builds up the people of Michigan.”

CREC is held at least twice a year, in January and May, and the January CREC starts the annual budget process for the State of Michigan. The revenue forecast adopted in the January conference is the starting point for the Governor’s executive budget, while the May conference provides an update to the forecast prior to the final budget enactment. CREC is led by the Director of the House Fiscal Agency, Director of the Senate Fiscal Agency and either the State Treasurer or State Budget Director.