LANSING, Mich. (September 27, 2023)  Today, Sen. Rosemary Bayer (D-West Bloomfield) introduced legislation, Senate Bill 543, that would remove language and references pertaining to pyrolysis and gasification from Part 115 of the Michigan Recycling Code — included in legislation passed in 2022. Currently, the existing language codifies into Michigan Law processes that are unproven to be effective at reducing or “recycling” plastic.

“I am proud to bring forth policies that will help improve our state’s environmental quality and protect the health and well-being of Michigan residents,” said Sen. Bayer. “This amendment is the first step in addressing the issue as well as the many concerns residents have. It is important that our state recognizes the importance of safeguarding our environment and proceeds to act with caution and a sense of urgency.”

Pyrolysis and gasification are commonly used to convert plastic into fuel, which is then released as greenhouse gases. Therefore, it poses a threat to our environment by aiding in air pollution. The amendatory language, along with the continued research conducted by scientific experts, will allow these processes to be closely monitored without jeopardizing the health of Michiganders.