Sen. Chang on closure of controversial Detroit incinerator

LANSING — Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) today issued the following statement after the Detroit Renewable Power announced it would shut down after 33 years of use. The incinerator — near the interchange of I-75 and I-94 — has exceeded pollution emissions standards more than 750 times and been penalized nearly 50 times for foul odors in just the last five years alone.

“Residents have long been loud and clear in their concern about the hundreds of environmental violations over the past five years. Today’s announcement is good news for the health and quality of life for residents in the area around the incinerator. This hasn’t just been a ‘noise and odor’ problem; it has been a symptom of the environmental injustices that have plagued Detroiters over the past three decades.

“When this plant shuts its doors in a few months, I hope neighboring families will finally be able to be free of the noise issues, breathe a little easier without pollution, and make fewer trips to the doctor because of health complications. In the meantime, I will also reach out to the city to see how we can work together to find ways to assist those who will soon be without work, and do whatever else I can to be helpful for them.”


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