LANSING, Mich. (Jan. 25, 2023) — Sen. Sue Shink (D-Northfield Twp.) has issued the following statement on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State address this evening, during which she outlined her vision for the year.   

“Gov. Whitmer has demonstrated her commitment to putting money back in the pockets of Michiganders. Whether it’s her plan to repeal the retirement tax, increase the Working Families Tax Credit, or eliminate costs to parents sending their children to preschool, the governor’s proposals put hard earned dollars back into the hands of Michigan families. And with democrats in the majority, we are already putting in the work to make these proposals a reality.” 

“I am proud to be working with the governor on her goals to make Michigan a more affordable, safe, and equitable state for residents by lowering costs, advocating for working families, and continuing to lead in sustainability. In talking with the residents of my district, I’ve heard time and time again that these are the issues that impact everyday Michiganders. I know that Gov. Whitmer understands the needs of the people of the 14th District, and I am excited to work alongside the governor and my colleagues to achieve meaningful results for all our communities.” 

In Gov. Whitmer’s first “State of the State” address delivered to a democratic majority, she laid out her administration’s plans for the coming year including providing immediate relief for working families, bringing supply chains and manufacturing to Michigan, and investing in tools to help students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.