Senator Klinefelt is here to help you work through your problems with state agencies. As your liaison, working with State of Michigan agencies, we can help you get the answer to your questions, refer community resources, and resolve problems.

Due to regulations placed on legislative offices, Senator Klinefelt’s office is not able to assist with legal or federal matters.

If you need help with a specific state agency, please click on its name below. If you do not see the agency you need help with, please click the contact us about another issue below.

If you would prefer to print the form and mail it to our office, downloadable versions of the above forms are available below.

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Other Community and State Resources

Domestic and Sexual Violence Resources  

  • Michigan Domestic Violence Hotline | Phone: (866) 864-2338 | Description: If you or a loved one has experienced domestic violence, help is available for you. Michigan’s Domestic Violence Hotline – (866) 864-2338 – is a free and confidential resource for victims to call, text, or chat.  
  • Turning Point Macomb | Phone: (586) 463-4430 | 24-Hour Crisis Line: 586-463-6990 | Description: Provides social service assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in Macomb County.  
  • YWCA Metro Detroit | Phone: 313-259-9922 | 24-Hour Crisis Line: 313-861-5300 | Description: Provides interim housing and other services to victims of domestic violence.  

Education and Student Aid Resources 

  • MI Department of Education Resources | Phone: (833) 633-5788| Description: See what Michigan is doing to help students impacted by COVID-19, engage families, uphold Title IX, and provide up-to-date education data for researchers.  
  • MI Student Aid | Phone: (888) 447-2687 | Email: | Description: Learn more about FASFA, the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, and MI Future Educator Programs while finding available webinars that can help you navigate the student aid process.   
  • Paying for College in Michigan | Phone: (888) 447-2687 | Email: | Description: Find out what resources Michigan provides residents to help pay for college, like scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and student loans.  

Food, Shelter, and Housing Related Resources  

  • Community Food Bank of Macomb | Phone: (586) 469-6004 | Email: | Description: Provides food to Macomb County residents needing assistance through volunteer programs, Meet Up & Eat Events, and its mobile pantry program, Fresh-to-You.  
  • Food Finder | Description: Locate local food banks in Macomb and Wayne by typing in your zip code.   
  • Good Shepard Coalition | Phone: (586) 307-8888 | Email: | Helps Macomb County residents find stable shelter, provides emergency food assistance, and contributes small monetary contributions to needy families.  
  • HUD’s Shelter Finder | Description: Locate shelters in Macomb and Wayne by typing in your zip code. Also provides resources for accessing rental assistance, applying for a Section 8 Housing Voucher, and reporting housing discrimination.  
  • Michigan Energy Assistance Program | Description: The MEAP aims to establish and administer programs statewide that provide energy assistance and self-sufficiency services to eligible low-income households. Click the link above to find out more and apply.  
  • Wayne Metro’s Food Supports | Phone: (313) 388-9799 | Description: Provides food to Wayne County residents needing assistance, helps support community gardens, and helps those in need source hygiene items  

General Assistance  

  • Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers | Phone: (586) 757-5551 | Email: | Description: Service typically is for seniors and disabled adults. Volunteers may be able to provide you with rides to the grocery stores, light home repair, meal preparation, yard work, respite breaks for full-time family caregivers, and other assistance that can help someone remain safely in their home.  
  • Michigan State University Macomb County Extension | Phone: 586-469-5180 | Email: | Description: MSU extension can provide resources ranging from tax assistance to important information. CLICK HERE to see what they offer.  
  • United Way of Michigan | Phone: 211 | Email: | Description: Can help locate shelter, food, healthcare, and transportation services.  

Healthcare and Dental Resources 

  • Free Clinic Directory | Description: Locate free/low-income clinics in Macomb and Wayne by typing in your zip code.   
  • Macomb Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic | Phone: (586) 445-7161 | Description: Performs affordable dental services for members of the Macomb County community, such as dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, athletic guards, X-rays, teeth whitening, sealants, and gum disease treatments.  
  • My Care Health Center | Phone: (586) 493-0961 | Description: A low-cost clinic located in Clinton Township that can provide dental, healthcare, and some behavioral therapy. The organization also has a food pantry for individuals in need of assistance.  
  • Wayne County Community College Dental Hygiene Program | Phone: (313) 943-4010 | Description: Performs affordable dental services for members of the Wayne County community, such as dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, athletic guards, X-rays, teeth whitening, sealants, and gum disease treatments.  

Legal Resources  

  • Macomb County Employment Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services | Description: A comprehensive list of free/affordable legal services offered in Macomb County.  
  • State Bar Legal Referral | Phone: (800) 968-0738 | Description: For a $25 administrative fee, the Michigan State Bar will help you find a lawyer who deals with the issue you need assistance with.  
  • Counsel & Advocacy Law Line | Phone: (888) 783-8190 | Description: Service that provides immediate legal assistance for qualifying individuals. For non-qualified individuals, they offer referral to social services and private bar.  
  • Lake Shore Legal | Phone: (888) 783-8190 | Description: A not-for-profit law firm providing a range of free civil legal services to people who are low income, seniors, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities. 
  • Sugar Law Center |Phone: (313) 993-4505 | Email: | Helps with employment law issues. They may be able to help you navigate your worker’s compensation, employment discrimination, or other work-related issues.  

SMART Public Transport Assistance  

  • SMART Connector | Phone: (866) 962-5515 Ext. 1 | Description: Curb-to-curb transportation assistance for trips of less than 10 miles intended to help disabled and senior residents of Metro Detroit. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to sign up.  
  • SMART Flex Service | Phone: (734) 212-8429 | Email: | Description: Uber/Lyft-like service designed for short trips around the Hall Road area from 5 AM to 11 PM, seven days a week. SMART Flex only costs a maximum of $8. CLICK HERE to learn more.  

State of Michigan Legislative Resources and Elected Officials  

  • Michigan Legislature | Description: The Michigan Legislature site will let you research any Public Acts or legislation debated in the Michigan Legislature.  
  • Michigan Senate | Phone: (517) 373-2400 | Description: The Michigan Senate page will allow you to find your State Senator, watch Senate Sessions, see current job openings, and learn about current legislative committees. House of Representatives  
  • Michigan House of Representatives | Phone: (517) 373-0135 | Email: | Description: The Michigan House page allows you to find your state representative, watch House sessions, see current job openings, and learn about current legislative committees. 
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer | Phone: 517-335-7858 | Description: If you wish to contact Governor Gretchen Whitmer or learn about her recent activities as Governor, you can do so at the following website.  
  • Find Your US Representative | Description: If you need to contact a Congress member, please use the following resources. These elected members serve at the federal level in the US House of Representatives.  
  • Contacting US Senators | Description: If you need to contact a US Senator, please use the following resources. These are elected members who serve at the federal level in the US Senate.  

Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment Assistance Form:

Veterans Resources  

  • Macomb County Veterans Services | Phone: (586) 469-5315 | Description: Service designed to assist Macomb County Veterans (and their families) with burial allowances, dependency, compensation for service-related death, grave markers, death pensions, medal requests, burial in a national cemetery, and education for their spouse/children.  
  • Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs | Phone: 1-800-MICH-VET | Email: | Description: Find Veteran-related resources for education, health, welfare, employment, and other resources.  
  • Veterans Crisis Line | Phone: 988 Ext. 1 | Text: 838-255 | Description: 24/7 call-line for Veterans, service members, National Guard and Reserve members, and those who support them. You do not have to be enrolled in the VA to use this service.  
  • Wayne County Veterans Services | Phone: (313) 224-5045 | Description: Service designed to assist Wayne County Veterans (and their families) with financial hardship services, support services, and funeral expense assistance.